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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost?
A: We don't know yet. Our goal is to provide the best product possible for the best price possible. Once we have enough testing complete so that we know exactly how much it will cost per customer, we'll be able to establish pricing.
Q: When i delete a file from my computer, is it deleted from my backup storage too?
A: By default, no. You can set how long you want to retain deleted files to try to conserve storage space. Click on Storage Management under My Account.
Q: Are the files encrypted in any way?
A: By default, files are sent from your client to our servers via a SSL connection. You can optionally set an encryption key that only you know so that even our technicians cannot view your data.
Q: How do I recover my files?
A: You can either recover one file at a time using our website, or rebuild the entire folder structure from your backup using our Recovery client.
Q: Who's that 3D guy on all your pages?
A: Jim.
Q: When do I get billed?
A: You don't yet.
Q: How much data can I back up?
A: There really is no limit that we've encountered yet. If for any reason Horizon Backup doesnt work for your situation, then you're probably wierd and we dont want to deal with you, so just cancel your account.
Q: What platforms do you support?
A: PC's running Windows 7. If you want to try it on something else, go for it. You can recover your files from any web browser.
Q: How many computers can i have backed up with one account?
A: Technically, 2,147,483,647. But if you have that many computers to back up, it might be easier for you to manage if you create a separate account for different groups of computers (ie: an accounting group, an engineering group, etc).

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